How To Start A Traeger Tailgater

How To Start A Traeger Tailgater

How To Start A Traeger Tailgater

How To Start A Traeger Tailgater. Turn the temperature dial to 350°f and press the dial in to set the temperature. It’s short, light(er), and the overall barrel size is smaller than traditional standing grills, yet it still maintains enough cooking power and surface area to make enough food for a small group.

How To Start A Traeger TailgaterHow To Start A Traeger Tailgater
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The traeger tailgater comes with some basic stamped wrenches so you can still complete the assembly even if you don't own a single socket wrench. Then, turn the knob to the setting labeled smoke. if your unit does not have a smoke option, set the temperature to between 160 °f (71 °c) and 200 °f (93 °c). Set the dial to “smoke”.

Flip The Grill Upside Down.

Add new hardwood pellets to the hopper. The traeger pellet grill is designed to grill with the lid shut. Form burger patties the night before so you don’t have to handle the meat without a sink and antibacterial soap.

When The Pellets Begin To Fall Into The Firepot, Turn The Temperature/Dial To Shut Down Cycle.

Once you see flames come out of the firepot, turn the temperature/dial to shut down cycle, and. If anyone’s tried this they’ll tell you never to do it again. If you are using it as an oven, it may require the food to be rotated.

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The Traeger Tailgater Comes With Some Basic Stamped Wrenches So You Can Still Complete The Assembly Even If You Don't Own A Single Socket Wrench.

Traegers come in both gas and charcoal. Make sure to choose a size that will fit your needs. If the auger is completely empty, this can take about 5.

3 Place The Traeger Wood Pellets Into The Grill Hopper.

Here are some tips for tailgate prep: If you’re planning on cooking for large groups, go for a larger model. The traeger tailgater was designed for a variety of functions and can be used not only as a smoker, but also as a stove, oven, and grill!

Shut Down And Clean The Smoker.

Check the temperature level before putting the food to ensure the chamber is hot enough and ready for smoking. Press the controller button to select. But, if you’re mostly grilling for two or three people, a smaller model will suffice.

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